Tennessee River Ag Expo - September 20 - 27, 2015

We invite you to come be a part of the Tennessee River Agriculture Exposition, at the Decatur County Fairgrounds.

Different events will be held throughout the week offering a variety of activities that will provide something of interest to everyone. One goal of TRAE is to bring back an event that promotes our Decatur County and surrounding area agriculture industry and spotlights our rural heritage.

Continuing to educate our population as to the importance of our largest industry, agriculture, is as important today as it has ever been. The industry produces agricultural products and timber that are safe and dependable at the same time conserving our nation's natural resources.

Visitors to TRAE will not only be able to learn about current agricultural products, but will also be able to revisit our rural heritage through an antique tractor exhibit and by seeing a variety of farm and home historical pieces displayed throughout the fairgrounds.

Special entertainment events will be held nightly for your enjoyment.

Remember that TRAE has a free gate and nightly food will be prepared by our own Tennessee River Cookers. Make plans to visit with us as many nights as possible.


The Board of Directors of the Tennessee River Agriculture Exposition are pleased to announce this year's TRAE is dedicated to Mr. Ted Rains of Decaturville, Tennessee. This tradition was set in 2011 with the first TRAE dedicated to Paul and Emodine White. In 2012 it was dedicated to Doug and Hilda Vise, in 2013 to Mr. Danny Graves and family, and in 2014 to Cleo and Claudean Rhodes.

Ted moved home with his family to Decatur County as a teenager and has been active in agriculture affairs in our area since. In high school he was involved in several youth organizations and was elected as a State FFA Officer in 1976. Ted has one son, Troy, who is an important part of his life. Ted's mother, Ms. Brenda Rains, has been a supportive member of his family.

Ted has been a major player in most all agriculture groups in Decatur and surrounding counties. He has a special interest in soil conservation having served as a leader for many years in the Decatur County Soil Conservation District.

The character that sets Ted apart is his generosity. He is known to be a man who is willing to go the extra mile to help anyone in need, both in his business and in his private life. Ted had donated countless times to organizations and causes in the community both through financial assistance and often more important, through personal time and sacrifice. Being humble in his kindness, Ted seeks no reward or recognition but is bighearted simply because that is the way Ted is.

The 2015 TRAE Board of Directors is honored to recognize Ted Rains and dedicate TRAE to him and his family.


"Patriotism - Farm Fresh"